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The Adoption Process

Explained by a San Diego Family Lawyer


Adoptions are not as simple as merely filing a few forms with the court.  A typical adoption matter takes anywhere from six months to over one year. That process could take longer if you do not have an experienced adoption attorney on your side. 


There are many steps in the adoption process, which starts with filing your adoption petition with the court.  From there, the biological parents must be served with the petition, and allowed the opportunity to respond.  Even if the biological parents have not been involved in the child’s life, they must still be located and served.


If a biological parent objects to the adoption, several court hearings will likely occur, in order to determine whether that parent’s rights to the child should be terminated.


A “home evaluation” of the child and proposed adopting parents will also occur in order to determine whether the adoption is in the child’s best interests.


Attorney Joseph Willmore has successfully handled many adoption matters throughout San Diego County.  Call us today, to schedule your free, confidential consultation.

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